ENDOtoday – compact conference reports
by experts for experts

ENDOtoday is a scientific online service, which provides specialists with information on current trends and developments in the field of endocrinology. ENDOtoday is aimed at attendees seeking further information as they could only view a limited number of sessions, for those who wish to have the reports in their native language, and for non-attendees preferring easy access from home.

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    Knowledge transfer at the highest level
    The service provides practical and relevant summaries from the worlds largest congresses by internationally renowned endocrinologists. Our experts report live from:

    • Endocrine Society Annual Meeting (ENDO)
    • European Society of Pediatric Endocrinology Meeting (ESPE)
    • International Meeting of Pediatric Endocrinology (IMPE)
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    The process on site
    The experts attend selected lectures at the congress. They analyze the current results for daily work and present the studies summarized in front of the camera.

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    Worldwide access in several languages
    Presentations on different areas of endocrinology are held in English, German, and local languages about various specialized endocrinology fields.

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    24/7 information availability
    The presentations are available free of charge during and after the respective congress and are accessible all year round, including the lecture slides for download.

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    Mobile accessebility
    ENDOtoday can be accessed not only via desktop, but also via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.